Bongo Cajon Set

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Set of 2 all wood Ho’okani Tapered Bongo Cajon Drums with Baltic Birch wood tops/heads. Drums are connected together with the included mounting block so they can be played the same way as a traditional bongo drum. This set is designed to fit in most standard bongo stands, and can also be played between your legs if you are seated. Drums can be removed easily from the mount and be played individually. The tops of each drum are Baltic Birch plywood and the sides are Maple plywood. Finished with satin lacquer. Logos are laser engraved into the tops and on one side of each drum. Custom engraving is available for an additional fee.The smaller drum measures 6 1/2″ square on the top and the larger drum is 8 1/2″. Both drums are 7″ tall. These drums have a very big sound for being so small. There is a wide variety of tones that you will get from these drums. Besides the main playing surface on the top, you also get great percussive musical tones from striking the sides of the drums. The sides are made of 2 different shapes, so each side has it’s own unique sound. Even if you just play on the top, you get a lot of different sounds depending on how and where you hit the drum. Just like a traditional bongo.


These drums feature a special tapered box joint technique that I designed specifically for my tapered bongos and congas. This box joint is much stronger than a straight joint or mitered joints. Besides making the drum more durable, These joints also make the shell more rigid which give the drums more volume and a better tone.

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