Uke Building Classes


Ukulele Building Workshop

    Learn how to build a quality ukulele in our hands on uke building class. Class is led by Reid Shigemura. Luthier and owner of Ho’okani Music Company. With over 15 years of experience in building and repairing musical instruments, he will be sharing his knowledge, skills, and resources with makers attending this workshop. Besides learning how to make the instrument, you will also learn about the different parts of the ukulele as well as their functions. This is a class designed for beginners so no experience is required. Some basic woodworking experience is recommended, but not necessary. Space is very limited so sign up now!


Workshop is 6 Days total, taking place on Saturdays from 12pm - 6pm, and on Sundays from 2pm - 8pm for 3 weeks in a row. Next session will start on Saturday February 21st, 2015.


    Class tuition includes all the supplies and materials you will need to create your very own ukulele. Also included is a free handmade case for your ukulele which you can customize / decorate here in our shop. You are asked to bring your own safety glasses and hearing protection. These are available for purchase at the Oahu Makerspace if you do not have your own. Please dress appropriatley for workshop environment. Must wear covered shoes. No slippers or loose fitting clothes or jewelry.


You can choose to build your uke using either mahogany or hawaiian koa wood. Also, 3 different sizes of ukulele are available. Class Tuition will vary depending on what kind of wood and size ukulele you want to make. See pricing below:


  • Soprano - Mahogany = $300 - Koa = $400

  • Also called standard size. This is the smallest size ukulele. More suitable for children, but adults can play on it as well.

  • Concert - Mahogany = $350 - Koa = $450

    • The concert ukulele is a medium size ukulele with more volume, fuller sound, and a longer neck than the soprano.

  • Tenor - Mahogany = $400 - Koa = $500

    • Tenor ukulele is the largest uke offered in this workshop. Besides being bigger and louder than the other 2, it also has a brighter tone and the strings are stiffer which makes it good for plucking melodies (soloing / fingerstyle playing), but also makes it a little harder for some beginners to play because you have to press harder with your fingers to hold chords.

Discounts are available for Oahu Makerspace members. Ask for details.

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You can choose if you want a sitka spruce top/soundboard in place of mahogany or koa for no additional charge. The rest of the body will be either mahogany or koa depending on the kit you order below. All necks are mahogany. Our kits are designed to ensure that you will be able to build a good quality uke even if you have little or no woodworking experience. Kits include prebent sides, a neck blank that ready to be shaped, wood for soundboard, back, braces, kerfed lining, fingerboard, and bridge. Other hardware included is Tuning pegs, fretwire, and blanks for shaping the nut and saddle. You will also be able to customize your ukulele by designing your own personalized label and headstock logo. Custom evgraving options are available too.